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About Us

The MFA represents the interests of South Australia’s 300+ Marine Scalefish Fishery (MSF) statutory licence holders through co-management.

The Marine Fishers Association (MFA) is recognised as the representative body for the professional Marine Scalefish Fishery (MSF) as described in the MSF Management Plan 2013. The MFA was incorporated in 2007 following the dissolution of the Fisheries Management Committees (FMC) with the implementation of the current Fisheries Management Act of South Australia (2007). With Mr Don Morley (President) and Mr Peter Welch (EO) the inaugural representatives.

Vision Statement

“Create a unified industry that is adaptable, profitable and sustainable; an industry regarded by the community as an essential provider of premium quality, sustainable seafood”.

Strategic Objectives (2015-2020):

• Access Security: Access security is fundamental to the future of the MSF. Any further loss of access will be detrimental to the livelihoods of our members and the industry as a whole.

• Co-Management: The management approach by which responsibilities are negotiated, shared and delegated between government, industry and relevant stakeholders.

• Industry Promotion: Broad community support for the commercial industry is essential for the long-term viability of the industry both in terms of achieving a social licence to operate and also to achieving maximum return for its product.

• Governance & Capacity Building: A strong and effective association with sound governance structures will be best placed to represent its members and deliver outcomes for the industry


This plan exists as a reference tool for the MFA and its executive to guide its activities and focus its resources on achieving the stated vision and strategic objectives. The themes and objectives will be used to develop an annual work plan which will recognise the key priorities for the forthcoming 12 months.

Guiding Documents

MFA Constitution 2020

MFA Strategic Plan 2020

Co-management Structures 


Executive Committee

The MFA is run by licence holders – for licence holders, via the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee comprising of an Independent Chairperson the Executive Officer, four elected members and co-opted members; to ensure a more representative committee, or for another reason consistent with the aims and objectives of the MFA.

On a biannual basis (March) – nominations for two (50%) elected committee members called for from the membership. If more than two nominations are received then an election is required, whereby licence holders are asked to vote for two candidates (without preference). The top two candidates are elected (first past the post). Under the constitution (2020) members of the executive have the power to co-opt additional members to fill any identified gaps in representation be it by gear/species or region. Elected and co-opted members each serve a two-year term.

Members items: It is the policy of the MFA that licence holders can raise items for consideration via an Executive member by using the member’s item form lodged with the EO at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Management Advisory Group (MAG)

While The Minister has ultimate oversight of the fishery under his management plan (2013), day to day management is conducted by PIRSA in association with the MFA both directly and through the Management Advisory Group (MAG).

This representative committee has been established to promote co-management of the fishery. Membership includes all industry sectors with MSF access, PIRSA and SARDI. Recommendations of this committee are provided to the Minster and his/her delegate for consideration. The MAG had scheduled quarterly meetings administered by the EO and conducted by an independent chair.

Opportunities to improve the co-management arrangements for the MSF will continue to be pursued in accordance with the principles of PIRSA’s Co-Management Policy (2011). In an effort to deliver sound management outcomes in an effective and efficient manner. This will include exploring opportunities for industry to take greater responsibility for the management of allocated catch shares.


Sector Associations

The MFA does not replace but rather provides a platform to unite existing regional and sector associations of the MSF, these formal in informal groups include;

• Marine Scalefish Net Fishers Association (MSNFA)

• West Coast Professional Fisherman’s Association (WCPFA)

• SA Sardine Industry Association (SASIA)  link

• Southern Yorke Peninsula Professional Fishers Association Inc. (SYPPFA)

Seafood Industry Australia link

About Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)
Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) is the national peak body which represents the Australian seafood industry as a whole, including members from wild catch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors.

As the voice of Australian seafood, SIA provides consumers, Government and other stakeholders with confident and united representation. Our unity indicates that we all love what we do, we stand by our products and that those products are the best in the world.

SIA provides services identified through a process involving member input to fill a critical gap that currently exists, to have more influence on Government decisions, to act as a national industry voice, to be a marketing and communications hub, and to remove obstacles to growth standing in the way of the Australian seafood industry.

Our vision is for the Australian seafood industry to be United, Effective and Respected. Our mission is to Promote, Protect and Develop the Australian seafood industry on the national and international level.

Our Strategy

SIA’ Strategic Plan 2018-23 affirms our strategy for the next five years. It articulates how we will work together with our members and stakeholders in a way that is united, effective and respected to achieve our goals. A copy of our Strategic Plan is available here.

Our Priorities
At the Seafood Industry Australia Members’ Advisory Forum in September 2017 industry issues were tabled and discussed. Over the following months these issues were combined with further member and stakeholder feedback to develop the association’s priority list and from them our goals.

SIA’s eight key priorities are:

  • Community perception/social licence
  • Country of origin labelling in foodservice
  • Biosecurity
  • Resource allocation and access
  • Maintaining the Fuel Tax Credit Scheme
  • Oil and gas exploration – seismic
  • Mental health
  • Safety

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